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Books I refer to:


  • The Bowen Technique, John Wilks 2007
  • A Textbook of Bowen Technique, Graham Pennington 2012
  • The Art of Bowen, Alistair McLoughlin, 2012
  • Bowen Unravelled, Julian Baker 2013
  • Using The Bowen Technique to Address Complex & Chronic Conditions, John Wilks, Kelly Clancy et al 2015


What Can the Bowen Technique Mean for People With Scleroderma

Marijke Schroot-Kortenoeven


Bowenwork for Migraine Relief: a Case Report

Sandra L. Gustafson, MHS, BSN, RN



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Scar Tissue Release Resources


Skin, Fascias, and Scars: Symptoms and Systemic Connections

Bruno Bordoni & Emiliano Zanier, Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare


Keloid Scars

American Academy of Dermatology


Surgery and Scarring
Willem Fourie, PT MSc


Anatomy Angel: C-Section Scars and Their Effects on Core Stability
Kathy Dooley, MD of Dr. Dooley Noted


Scar Release & C-sections

Marjorie Brooks


The STRAIT Method (Scar Tissue Release And Integrated Therapies)
Marjorie Brook



Introduction to Myofascial Length Testing

Donna Bajelis PT, Developer of MFLT, 2012 (video)