Meet Your Bowenwork Practitioner

Nancy Clark LMP, MA #00016620, RBT
Master Registered Bowenwork Therapist

Structural Integration Specialist


Nancy has been a Health Care Provider since 1978. First in Dentistry; then a Women's Health Care Educator/Advocate; finally directing the Iowa City Free Medical Clinic. 


Recovery from an accident in 1980 led her to seek more natural ways of healing, introducing her to the benefits of Chiropractic, Massage, Nutrition, Yoga and Meditation. These experiences ignited her desire to practice natural health care. In 1985 she graduated from New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics with a degree as a Natural Therapeutic Specialist. Nancy's passion to experience and study many soft tissue therapy techniques include Cranial/Sacral with the Upledger Institute in 1986; Trager; Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy; Travell Trigger Point; Tom Meyers Anatomy Trains, neuromuscular and myofascial techniques. 


Bowenwork found Nancy in 2004. Her swift recovery with a Frozen Shoulder that had been a problem for two years led her to study Bowenwork. Nothing she had studied or received in the past had enabled healing this profound! Studying Bowenwork has shifted her paradigms of natural healing and grounded her in a deeper holistic understanding of the physiology of the body's natural capacity to heal and live in balance. 


Upon completing her international testing with Bowen Academy of Australia and becoming a Registered Bowenwork Therapist, Bowenwork Health Center Marysville opened in June 2005, followed by the Mount Vernon office in 2007. Specializing in the Bowenwork technique, Nancy is committed to educate people of the benefits of natural health care; assisting their exploration of greater body awareness and empowering people to live life with natural ease and vitality!



Nancy continues her education by studying:

  • Advanced and Master Bowenwork with Ossie and Elaine Rentsch of Australia
  • Bowen for Stroke and the Immobile with Robyn Wood of Australia
  • Body & Mind Bowenwork with Margaret Spicer and Anne Schubert of Australia
  • Practitioner Bowenwork Reviews with Paul O'Connor of New Zealand
  • Sports Bowen with Raymond Augustynak
  • Bowenwork and Deep Anatomy with Nancy Pierson, American Bowen Academy
  • Bowenwork and Women's Wellness with Sandra Gustafson RN, Senior Faculty USA
  • Bowenwork, Tensegrity and Fascia Lines with Kelly Clancy, Instructor USA
  • Postural Assessment Techniques with Sean Wolf, Instructor USA
  • Oongoing study of Tensegrity MedicineTM with Kelly Clancy OT, SMS
  • Fascia Journal Club with Kelly Clancy OT, SMS
  • Ongoing Bowenwork Developmental Coaching with USA Instructors


When not working, Nancy's delight in exploring nature has guided her many adventures, from hiking and backpacking to mountain biking, kayaking, diving and cross country skiing. Nancy organized and led outdoor adventures for many years in the Southwest and Florida. Nancy is a practitioner of Iyengar yoga since 1985. She also loves to nurture her herb and flower gardens with a little help from her chickens, Grace and Rainy Day.


Grace and Rainy Day