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Bowenwork Health CenterBowenwork is a significant Wholistic and Complementary Therapy. It is designed to elicit the most dramatic of natural healing responses. How we work with you is quite simple and profound. Our role is one of assessing your present state. You may come to us from a doctor, with a specific diagnosis. There may be body imbalances you are very aware of. You may have completed other treatments and haven't gotten relief. We will explore your history and assess your physical condition to know where you are best supported in returning to pain free living.


Bowenwork is about encouraging what is already healthy. In this, what is imbalanced, receives an important message about changing. Soft physical "moves" over muscles and other soft tissues trigger your body's ability to heal. Your Healing Response is revitalized with a Relaxation Response. Achieving relaxation supports calm; when the body is at this place of calm, its innate healing mechanism functions optimally. Bowenwork utilizes the body's natural neurological abilities, engaging an inherent repatterning process.


If your condition has existed for some time, or it's a recent injury, together we will formulate your road to wellness!


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